The Caring Contractor

I enjoy being a contractor – to see a dream, concept or vision be transformed into a physical, tangible reality is inspiring and personally rewarding; moreover, outside of the beauty in architecture, efficient engineering design, the quality of construction – to see something you participated in building be used for the benefit of others in your community is the most impactful. To use your skills and abilities to assist others in achieving their dreams and ambitions, it’s contagious, it makes you want to do more. That is the genesis of The Caring Contractor.

The Caring Contractor is a concept, not one individual or organization; it is the ideology that we all have the ability to build better lives for ourselves and for those around us, in effect, building a better future. I’ve long believed that before you can know HOW to do something, you must know WHAT you’re trying to do, which is dependent on knowing WHY you want to do it. The Caring Contractor will focus on THREE ways to build a better future: 1) Personal Development/Education 2) Community Engagement 3) Expansion through Impact.

The Caring Contractor: Building a Better Future