A&R Mechanical Contractors: Where Workplace Safety is a Way of Life


At A&R, we are building a better future with quality, innovation, and, most importantly, safety. We are up-to-date with the industry standards in manufacturing and construction safety, ensuring our clients and employees remain protected. To accomplish this, we have a full-time safety director and on-site safety representatives who manage a rigorous safety program, requiring our staff to update and upgrade their knowledge of safety procedures with every project. As a result, A&R maintains one of the highest regarded safety programs in our industry, which reduces costs for our clients.

Our safety training and certification programs include:

  • 10-Hour OSHA Certifications
  • 30-Hour OSHA Certifications
  • 80-Hour Hazardous Waste Training
  • Confined Space Entry Training
  • Rigging and Material Handling
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Fall Protection Training
  • Lockout & Tagout Procedures
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Training
  • Hot Work Procedures
  • Trenching & Excavation Procedures
  • Job Safety Analysis Procedures

At A&R, we acknowledge that a safe work environment means a more effective and efficient team, which means satisfied customers when our projects come in on-time and on-budget. Our dedication to employee safety is at the forefront of every service we offer. Our employees know that we'll do everything we can to minimize danger on the job while they adhere to our stringent safety guidelines and continue their safety education. The result is fewer accidents, delays, and cost overruns.

There is an age-old saying that suggests "safety is no accident." At A&R, safety is no accident isn't just a phrase; it's a way of life. Learn more about how we're keeping up with industry standards and ensuring a safe workplace for our valued employees and the end-users of our projects. 

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