Advancing Education Through Educational Institution Construction & Renovation


Classrooms and other educational spaces need to be comfortable, safe, and modern environments for students and faculty. From small K-12 schools to large universities, each educational institution will eventually require some type of new construction, renovation, energy-saving assistance, or ongoing system maintenance.

Often, schools require fast-track projects that must be completed within the tight timeframe of summer breaks. School construction and renovation projects also cannot interrupt the learning process for teachers or students. It's essential for educational institutions to partner with a team of mechanical and civil contracting experts who will complete the job quickly, efficiently, and without causing a disruption.

Whether it's entirely new buildings, renovations, retrofits, or energy-saving initiatives, A&R has experience with it all. Plus, you can rely on our team to service and maintain the systems throughout the school year with special care, knowing students must continue to use the space while we work. We also have experience successfully implementing energy recovery systems in sports venues, adding cooling towers to research facilities, and variable refrigerant flow to residence halls. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to complete any job regardless of the size, complexity, or timeframe with projects ranging from preschools to dormitories to research labs.

In October of 2018, the A&R team began the renovation and expansion of the University of Illinois Civil Engineering Hydrosystems Lab. The finished project includes a pedestrian smart bridge over West Main Street, which connects the hydrosystems lab to the Newmark Civil Engineering Lab, providing state-of-the-art teaching labs, active learning classrooms, a design commons, senior design studio, and student collaboration space. This project expanded the area from 13,000 square feet to 43,669, more than doubling office space, offering hands-on instructional labs, new classrooms, and providing an elevator for proper accessibility.

At A&R Mechanical Contractors, Inc, we are proud to serve educational institutions and have a part in building toward the future. Throughout our long history, we have supported and served educational institutions throughout the Midwest, including the University of Illinois and Purdue University. Contact us today to see how we can help your school! 

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