Certified Government & Municipal Mechanical Contractors


Government and municipal projects provide safe and accessible infrastructures for the public to use. These projects can improve roads, upgrade, sanitary and waste water sewer systems, create new public facilities for community members to enjoy, and much more. Often, these projects can be complex and challenging due to the amount of detail-orientation, constraints, and strict regulations.

Government and municipal projects require a team that is completely committed to safety and has the necessary certifications to be compliant with all regulations. Local and state certifications such as IDOT, OSHA, and hazmat are imperative within the government and municipal industries. From new construction, renovation, or retrofitting, each aspect of the project must be completed with excellence.

For over 90 years, A&R has assisted government organizations with a broad range of municipal projects in Illinois. Our team has the training and certifications to complete government and municipal jobs on time and on budget. We are proud to serve the communities we know and love and appreciate that we are the state's trusted mechanical and civil contractor. 

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