Happy Holidays from Our Team to You


2019 was an exciting year for all of us at A&R! We've welcomed many new customers and continued to grow our relationships with many of our long-term partners. During the holiday season, we like to take time to reflect on those who have made our success possible. We appreciate each of our partners, and we hope that the new year brings you continued success. We look forward to continued work together in 2020! – Bill Walter, President

Project Highlight
The Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) is preparing to construct a $150 million facility in Joliet, IL for mental health and medical correctional patients needing long-term skilled nursing care. This 180,000-square-foot facility will consist of 200 beds and over 400 healthcare employees including physicians, nurse practitioners, and certified psychologists who will provide intensive care to male and female offenders. The facility will be designed like a normal hospital and include special security features that will allow for solitary care if deemed necessary. 

The IDOC has teamed up with Illinois' Capital Development Board (CBD) and has already initiated work on this project. The groundbreaking ceremony was held in the spring of 2019. Construction is scheduled to be completed in late summer or early fall of 2021. 

Emergency Heating Repairs
Colder weather is closing in on Central Illinois, and it's important for you to ensure your building is warm for the sake of business operations and your employees. Unfortunately, your heating equipment can't live forever. But when things go wrong, help is just a quick call away. At A&R, we are ready 24/7 to offer quick and quality heating repairs in the event of an emergency. Give our repair and maintenance department a call at 217-819-5188 if you run into any problems with your heating equipment this winter. 

Why HVAC Design Matters
Is Your Heating Equipment Prepared for the Winter?

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