Improve Safety and Energy Efficiency with A&R Mechanical Contractors


Construction and Workplace Safety

At A&R Mechanical Contractors, we are building a better future with quality, innovation, and most importantly, safety. We are up-to-date with the industry standards in manufacturing and construction safety, ensuring our clients and employees remain protected. To accomplish this, we have a full-time safety director and onsite safety representatives who manage a rigorous safety program, requiring our staff to update and upgrade their knowledge of safety procedures with every project. As a result, A&R maintains one of the highest regarded safety programs in the nation. One which also reduces costs for our clients. Our safety training and certification programs include:

  • 10 Hour OSHA Certifications
  • 30 Hour OSHA Certifications
  • 80 Hour Hazardous Waste Training
  • Confined Space Entry Training
  • Rigging and Material Handling
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Fall Protection Training
  • Lockout & Tagout Procedures
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Training
  • Hot Work Procedures
  • Trenching & Excavation Procedures
  • Job Safety Analysis Procedures

Commercial Property Energy Audit​

A commercial energy audit is essential to reducing energy costs. With an energy usage assessment, you can audit and assess how much energy your commercial property uses and evaluate what measures you can take to improve efficiency. But remember, audits alone don't save energy. You need to implement the recommended improvements. A&R recommends extensive information about commercial construction, renovation, and improvement projects to enhance energy efficiency, lower utility bills, and increase comfort.

You can perform an audit by yourself or leave the full assessment to the pros. If you hire a professional commercial firm to assess your energy use, a professional auditor can use a variety of techniques and equipment to determine the energy efficiency. Thorough audits often use equipment such as blower doors, which measure the extent of leaks in the building envelope, and infrared cameras, which reveal hard-to-detect areas of air infiltration and missing insulation. Energy costs can always be reduced, and an energy audit is your first step in making improvements to your facility. 


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