Every market requires a different set of specialized knowledge and skills. A&R Mechanical Contractors has the experience to accommodate the needs of the markets we serve with excellence and efficiency. These markets include medical, commercial and retail, manufacturing and industrial, government, and education.

Medical institutions have specific standards, codes, and laws they have to adhere to, and A&R  has the skills and certifications necessary to install these crucial medical components. We specialize in installing and maintaining medical gas piping in new construction or in functioning medical institutions without interrupting patient care.

Commercial and retail businesses require piping, plumbing, and HVAC that not only provide comfort to staff but also creates a pleasant, welcoming experience for customers. The team at A&R can harness their innovative experience to create customized systems with the most modern and energy-efficient systems available to work in all commercial environments.

Manufacturing and industrial projects can often be daunting due to the size and scope of installation and maintenance. However, A&R has over 90 years of experience and knowledge in this industry to complete these projects efficiently and with out-of-the-box thinking.

Government municipal projects can often have regulations and constraints that may deter other contractors, but A&R has a qualified team with the knowledge and certifications to complete these projects efficiently and on budget. These often complex projects allow our team to rise to the challenge and excel.

Educational institutions have long been customers of A&R. We are proud to work with institutions that contribute to our future, and we understand the time constraints that come with construction projects over school breaks. From specialized water lines to steam tunnels, A&R has worked extensively with institutions such as the University of Illinois and Eastern Illinois University.

For additional information on the markets we serve, call us at (217) 367-4227.

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