For over 90 years, A&R has had an established presence on municipal mechanical projects. Our qualified team has the training and certifications to complete government and municipal jobs on time and on budget.

A&R Mechanical Contractors, Inc. welcomes project complexity. A challenging project allows our team of experts to grow, think outside the box, and provide them more experience to better serve future clients. Often, government-funded projects can be complex and challenging due to the crucial importance of attention to detail. But for A&R, that’s business as usual. Because we work with sophisticated and detailed projects on a daily basis, we aren’t afraid of the constraints and regulations that can accompany many government projects.

When working with anything government-related, it is critical to ensure that each piece of a project is completed with excellence. A&R knows that government jobs take particular attention to detail and regulations. We have completed new builds, renovation, retrofitting, plumbing installation, and more for government organizations.

As a part of our complete commitment to safety, A&R employees are hazmat and OSHA-certified, as to be compliant with all regulations. Our local and state certifications, including IDOT certification, allow us to assist government organizations with a broad range of municipal projects in Illinois, including road work, underground storage tank installation, removal, and retrofit. We can also provide associated structural concrete and paving work.

Allow the contractors at A&R Mechanical to assist you in improving the area you oversee. Whether it is highways, municipal roads, or a totally new build, we have the experts to serve your needs.

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