Medical Institutions

Medical institutions provide an essential service to the members of each community. When someone needs a medical procedure or attention, they rely on their hospital, doctor’s office, or surgical facility to be fully functional. A medical facility is not a place where any issues can arise.

Medical gas piping is essential to the daily business of hospitals, surgery centers, dental clinics, veterinary clinics, and other healthcare facilities. It is critical to know your mechanical contractor has experience and is confident in implementing and maintaining these systems for the sake of patient care.

At A&R, we specialize in medical gas installation and maintenance. We understand the process and details involved with installing piping in medical facilities. Not only do we have the skills to implement these systems, but we have the certifications necessary to install this crucial medical component in a way that is compliant to the most current standards, codes, and laws.

Any manager of a healthcare facility knows that even the most important construction projects cannot interrupt the continuum of patient care. A&R experts understand the crucial requirements of clean and sterile environments and work just as effectively in new medical spaces as we do during renovation and addition projects. We have worked in medical facilities throughout Central Illinois with exceptional results. Our training ensures that we maintain ideal indoor air quality, can prevent the spread of bloodborne pathogens, and are able to work in confined spaces—all without disturbing patients and their families.

We will work with facility directors to provide you safe, streamlined medical gas installations. Our experts have the abilities to complete this project from start to finish, including drafting blueprints, identifying and obtaining the equipment needed, and certifying each aspect of the job is complete with industry requirements and standards.

Whether it’s a brand-new facility or an existing building, the experts at A&R can work with you to ensure that your med gas is installed safely and effectively.



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