A&R’s innovative solutions stem from the vast array of environments and projects we have encountered.

At A&R, our job doesn’t stop when the installation is complete. We remain engaged throughout the life of the equipment and the life of the facility. From conceptual design, construction, maintenance, repair, and eventual replacement, A&R will keep your equipment in its best working condition until it is time to be replaced. When that happens, we will go back to the drawing board and make sure that the new project includes advancements, upgrades, or new technologies to improve the operation and efficiency of your facility systems.

We also offer the advantage of prefabricated building elements. By designing and constructing installation pieces in our shop before going on site, we can provide a higher level of quality while meeting fast-track schedules and tight budgets.

Some of our mechanical projects include:

  • Renewable Energy Group Biofuels Processing Plant – Danville, IL
  • Eastern Illinois University Renewable Energy Center and Campus Steam Tunnel – Charleston, IL
  • University of Illinois NCSA Blue Waters Supercomputing Facility – Urbana, IL