New Construction | Renovation

For over 90 years, A&R Mechanical has been serving a variety of client needs. One of the aspects of our work is starting from the ground up on new construction. Beginning with a consultation meeting, we will identify your needs and overall mechanical system goals. Once we get a firm understanding of your building project, we can assist you through every phase.

In addition to completely new construction, we also specialize in renovation. Every so often, you may want to freshen up the look of your office space, hospital, educational facility, or any other building. Whether you’re updating or overhauling, A&R is the perfect partner to make sure your systems fit with your project.

No matter what stage you are in the build process, A&R is the right partner. Whether you are starting from scratch and need completely new construction, or if you are starting over and in need of renovation, with A&R, you will accomplish your goals, and we will be a valuable addition to your building team.

A&R has experienced engineers and tradespeople that will design the exact systems you need for your specific space. Our experts work seamlessly with your building team to make certain that your heating, cooling, plumbing, and medical gas systems match perfectly with your building design.

A&R’s team has the experience and creativity to provide design assistance to any project. We have previously worked in office buildings, retail establishments, classrooms, hospitals, and industrial sites throughout Central Illinois. We can provide you with unique and custom efforts to meet your needs.


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