Repair & Maintenance

In any industry, as materials age, wear and tear are natural. Maintaining equipment is a crucial element in how your home or commercial building operates. It is vital that you are confident that your mechanical systems are functioning properly. However, there are routine maintenance items that can’t be avoided, and occasional repairs that can’t be anticipated. In these situations, A&R Mechanical wants to restore order to your home, office, commercial space.

A&R Mechanical, Inc. offers maintenance of piping, plumbing, ventilation, and all the other services we offer. Our team of experts provides repairs and updates to heating, air conditioning, commercial refrigeration, temperature control, and much more! We take pride in our ability to handle all major makes and models of equipment. Our experts understand that new technology is frequently introduced, and the industry is ever-changing. We take pride in our team’s ability to continue to keep up-to-date with all industry changes.

You can’t schedule an emergency. Often, you find yourself in need of repair outside of standard business and working hours. That is why we provide all of the services you need when you need it. We have a 24-hour emergency repair program of licensed and bonded technicians and a fleet of fully stocked service vehicles ready to be deployed as soon as needed.

Talk to our repair and maintenance team about our maintenance contract. By contracting with A&R, you get priority service and on-time scheduled maintenance. You don’t have to remember to make an appointment for spring and winter clean out, we’ll call you! We make it as easy and pain-free as possible to maintain and repair your mechanical systems.

We understand the importance of a work environment being safe and functional, which is why we are flexible to each client’s unique needs.

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