At A&R Mechanical, we pride ourselves on being able to service any type of building and meet any client requirements. Whether you are completing a new build, doing renovations or something in between, we can provide the assistance you need. Retrofitting is no exception.

Your building or home may not be a complete overhaul, but, at the same time, some aspects or features of your mechanical systems may need to be updated. At A&R, we offer retrofitting service, which allows you to make the necessary changes required for your building without changing anything structurally. Retrofitting enables us to update services or areas that might need some attention without altering the existing framework.

With A&R, our customers have access to our experienced design team, tradespeople, and capabilities. We have the ability to work within existing structures and bring systems up-to-date effectively and efficiently. Our 90 years of experience, as well as our passion for innovation, mean that when we look at an existing structure, we can envision the best course of action for new equipment installation.

Our in-house capabilities mean that we can design and build the perfect solution for your structure. Major updates to a building can feel daunting, but at A&R, we bring peace of mind with every new and exciting challenge. We believe that when jobs are done correctly the first time, complications, repairs, or replacements are an easy fix.


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