Project includes replacement of the Alzina Building’s multi-cell cooling tower The building is a six-story office building, plus a basement, of approximately 256,000 sq. ft. 

  • Addition of electrical metering to the main switchgear and connection of the electrical metering to the Building DDC system for monitoring.
  • New controls for the operation of the replaced equipment stated above.  Replacement of existing pneumatic control valves at the existing Air Handling Units (AHUs) with new electronic control valves. All other controls are existing to remain.
  • Addition of space and AHU temperature and humidity sensors for monitoring and control at the existing AHUs.
  • Replacement of existing refrigerant purge exhaust and intake fans.  Extension of ductwork from the new fans to the mechanical room housing the new chillers.
  • Addition of a blower coil to serve the mechanical room housing the new chillers.
  • Plumbing items such as make-up water connection and sanitary floor drain addition.
  • Incidental remodeling of interior space to accommodate the new chillers, including replacement of room lighting and lighting controls.