Official Mission Statement for this Building: “Increasing demand for spaces to support newer technologies and teaching strategies led to the development of IFLEX classrooms (Illinois Flexible Learning Experience) which have been appearing on the campus since 2014.”

  • Our portion of this project was Heating/Cooling Pipe, Ventilation and Plumbing.
  • All three trades systems were fabricated offsite and delivered to the site for accurate quick installation for this fast-paced project. This includes hangers, piping, equipment, ductwork, bathroom groups, and risers.
  • Multiple systems for HVAC: Geothermal Water, Condenser water, Campus Chilled Water, Campus Steam/Condensate, Glycol Heating water, Reheat water, low grade Chilled water, Outdoor Air, Supply Air, Return Air and Exhaust Air.
  • The Dedicated Outdoor Air handler provides fresh tempered air to the building while the radiant ceiling panels are the primary heating and cooling for the building. These radiant ceiling panels also serve as the architectural ceiling (1839 radiant ceiling panels).
  • Secondary heating comes from in floor heat in certain prominent areas like the large auditorium on first floor and the coffee shop area on first floor.
  • The Plumbing consists of Storm water piping, wastewater piping and Potable water piping.