Official Mission Statement for this Building: “To practice, model, and teach design thinking, using human-centered design, in collaboration with others, to reimagine our campus, community, and collective world.”

  • Our portion of this project was Heating/Cooling Pipe and Ventilation.
  • Both trades systems were fabricated offsite and delivered to the site for accurate quick installation for this fast-paced project. This includes hangers, piping, equipment and ductwork.
  • Multiple systems for HVAC: Campus Chilled Water, Glycol Heating water, Reheat water, Chilled Beam cooling water, Outdoor Air, Supply Air, Return Air and Exhaust Air.
  • The Dedicated Outdoor Air handler provides fresh conditioned air to the building while the Chilled beams provide additional cooling and the VAVs provide additional heating for the individual spaces. These Chilled beams also serve as the architectural ceiling (144 radiant ceiling panels). The heating hot water is produced onsite from new boilers and serves the perimeter radiant heating panels and fin tube to provide additional heating for the large expanse of exterior glass around the entire building facade.
  • A good portion of the conditioned air is distributed in a custom built air floor system that is integrated into the concrete floor.